• An OVPL match underway.

    An OVPL match underway.

  • Annual BBQ.

    Annual BBQ.

  • Scoring a match.

    Scoring a match.

  • The club exterior.

    The club exterior.

  • Red, now gone but never forgotten.

    Red, now gone but never forgotten.

  • Plaque being awarded to Red by the club.

    Plaque being awarded to Red by the club.

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Smallbore Rifle Match

Smallbore (.22 rimfire) rifle matches are held at the club on selected Sunday afternoons. For 2016 the dates are:

  • January 24
  • February 28
  • March 27
  • April 24

Full details are provided in the flyer.

Matches at the Connaught Ranges

Logo of the NCRRAEach year, two matches of interest to members of the A&DRRA are held at the Connaught Ranges, presented by the NDHQRA (National Defence HQ Rifle Association) and the NCRRA (National Capital Region Rifle Association). These are the Victoria Day pistol matches, held on or near the Victoria Day weekend, and the Fall Invitational pistol match or Fall Shoot, held around late September.

Both matches feature a wide range of events, including:

  • NRA Canadian 1800
  • ISSF Standard Pistol
  • ISSF Sport or Centrefire Pistol
  • ISSF Air Pistol
  • ISSF Free PistolLogo of the NDHQ Rifle Association
  • PPC 1500
  • PPC Slug Gun (shotgun)
  • PPC Snub (prohibited snubnose)
  • 9mm Service Pistol

Because Connaught is a military range and not approved by the CFO, your regular ATT is not valid to use to transport your firearms to the range. A short-term ATT must be obtained from the CFO in advance of the match.

Reasonable fees are charged on a per-match basis and prizes are offered.

You can get details and register online at www.targetscores.com. Results of previous matches are also posted on that site.