Red Doolittle Matches 2018-2019

The 2018-19 Red Doolittle Memorial Pistol Matches will be held one weekend each month from November 2018 through April 2019. Events cost $10 each and most be shot at least three times to qualify for prizes. Trophy prizes are repurposed using the many trophies that Red won, as a memento of him. Cash prizes or donations to the CSSA Legal Fund are other options.

See the flyer.


0900 hr — ISSF Std. Pistol

1030 hrs — ISSF CF/Sport Pistol

1300 hrs — ISSF Std. Pistol

1430 hrs — ISSF CF/Sport Pistol 1


0900 hrs — ISSF Std. Pistol

1030 hrs — ISSF CF/Sport Pistol

1300 hrs — PPC 1200

1400 hrs — PPC 1200

Match Dates:

Nov. 24/25     Dec. 15/16     Jan. 19/20      Feb. 16/17      Mar. 16/17    Apr. 13/14

Register for the matches at the website.

Pre-registration is highly recommended as there are only six positions at the range.